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From: mike loggerman
Subject: The Fellowship of Chubs pt 17. Indian student.One Saturday, I was particularly horny, and no one was around. I went to
check out the shower room, and it was empty. As I was walking back to my
room, I noticed a door that was half open. The room belonged to an Indian
student who usually kept to himself. I walked slowly, and peeked in the
room as I walked by, and saw him lying on his bed. It looked like he was
stroking his cock, but he pulled the covers over himself. I was about to go
and I heard him invite me in. I was a bit embarrassed that he caught me
looking in his room, but he was so inviting, that I opened the door and came
in. He offered me a seat and I sat down on his roommate's bed across from
his. He wasn't wearing a shirt, and I could see his legs coming out from
under the blankets. He was skinny and dark with hairy legs and a hairy
stomach. He had japan lolita girl gallery
one hand under the blanket, as we chatted. He asked how
school was going. ukraine nude lolita nymphet He told me his name was Sunil, and he transferred last
semester from out of state, and didn't have many friends here. I told him I
just transferred this semester, and knew how he felt. As we chatted, I kept
trying to see under the blanket, but he was pretty well covered. He smiled
at me and asked what I was looking at. I told him I was just noticing that
he was a pretty hairy guy, He said he felt awkward being so hairy, and he
wished he was less hairy. I said I thought it was very manly, and I wished
I was hairier. I told him I didn't have much hair on my arms and legs and
had some on my chest, but not much so I usually shaved it. He said if he
shaved his body, he would probably have to shave it every day. We both
laughed at that. I asked him what he did for fun, and he said since he
didn't know anyone, he usually just studied. He said if I didn't have much
hair on me, I must feel pretty smooth. I told him I guessed so, and he
started to ask me something and stopped himself. I asked what he was going
to ask, and he said he was just curious about how my skin felt, and was
wondering if he could feel my chest. I was surprised, but said if he wanted
to, it was OK. I took off my tee shirt, and let him feel my chest. His
hands felt really nice as he caressed my chest with his fingertips. He
seemed to go beyond curiosity, and and was rubbing me sensuously. He said
my tits felt really nice. He had seen me in the shower room and wanted to
touch them, but was too shy to ask. I told him if he didn't mind, I would
really like to feel his hairy legs and stomach. He told me to go ahead. I
started running my hands up and down his legs, and moved up to his thighs,
but didn't want to shock him by going under his blanket. I noticed free lolita nymphets naked
that he
started to tent out his blanket, but I kept rubbing his thighs. I told him
how nice they felt. He closed his eyes with pleasure as i moved my hands
under the covers and felt his big hairy balls. He moaned softly as I
handled them, and I pulled back the covers revealing his thick dark bush,
and his big thick uncut cock. I started stroking him, and he moaned
loudly. He asked if I liked his cock, and I said very much. He said he
loved me handling it. I pulled back the foreskin,and licked the head all
the way around. I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking him. He
told me how good it felt and asked hikari hayashibara lolita girls me to get undressed.I took off my sweat pants and briefs, and he felt me all over. I loved the
feeling of him handling me. While he stroked me, he fingered my ass. He
said he really liked my body. He pulled me closer to himself and sucked my
small cock as he fingered my ass. He stopped sucking me and looked up at me
and asked if I would like him to fuck me. I told him I would really love
him inside me. I got on my knees under him and sucked his low hanging
balls, and licked back to his hairy hole. He squatted down so I could
tongue fuck him deeper. He had me lay down on the end of the bed, with my
ass at the edge of the bed. He started sucking my balls, and licked down to
my hole, getting it good and wet. He took some of his jerk off lube and
lubed his cock, and my hole. He pressed his thick cock head against my hole
and started to push in. I pushed out as he slid into me. I could feel
his thick cock gliding over my prostate as he slid in and out of me. His
hairy body caressed me as his body hair brushed over my smooth body. He
fucked me with long slow strokes and sucked my tits as he slid in and out of
me. I moaned quietly, and he lolita angels top 100 caressed me all over as he fucked me. I
wrapped my legs around him as I felt the thick base of his cock stretch my
hole. He said he wanted to fuck me better than the other guys did. I asked
how he knew they were fucking me, and he said he heard a lolita child models
me getting fucked
through the door. I told him I wanted him since I first saw him in the
shower. I told him I thought he was the hottest guy in the dorm. I asked
if he wanted to join the nerd group, and he said I was the only guy he was
interested in. Waves of pleasure were coming over me as he rhythmically
slid his cock in and out of me.He wasn't like the other guys i was with. He wasn't just interested in
getting off. He sucked me and tried to give me pleasure. With the other
guys I was taking lolita preteen free pics care of their needs and I was just letting them use me.
Sunil was attracted to me and wanted to give me pleasure as well. He leaned
in and tongue kissed me and i started to clamp down on his thick cock with
my ass muscles. We both started moaning, and I shot my load on my chest
between us. Sunil started shooting his load deep inside me. I felt the
warmth of his cum fill the depths of my ass. We were both sweaty, and lay
together in his bed. He lifted up my legs and licked his cum which was
dripping out of my ass, then licked the cum off my chest, and he kissed me
and we shared it. As he lay back in bed, I licked his pits. We grabbed a
couple of towels and went to the showers. It was a good thing no one was
around. We got cleaned up and went back to his room. He asked if I wanted
to be his roommate, and I said I would love to. He said he wanted to be
with me, but he didn't want me messing around with other guys. It was hard
to decide, I was messing around with a regular group of guys, but to be
honest, they were just friends and were really using me to get off. Sunil
seemed to care about me. Not only that, Sunil was the hottest guy I had
been with.Monday morning we went to the dorm director, and arranged to switch rooms.
We got a room on the top floor which was half empty, and pretty quiet. We
pushed the bed together so we could sleep together. We just had to move the
beds apart if anyone was coming to see us. The guys were good about
understanding that i wasn't going to be messing around with them anymore.
They said if things didn't work out, their cocks were always available. I
loved being with Sunil. He really loved being with me, and loved pleasuring
me. He made me feel wanted and loved. He was genuinely as excited about
my body as mine was with his. At first, we tried to keep our relationship a
secret from the other guys who lived on our floor, until one day I was
coming home from class and passed a room and heard a familiar moaning. I
kept our room door open and when I heard to door open, I pretended to be
leaving and saw a guy coming out of my neighbor's room. I didn't recognize
him. I poked my head in my neighbors door and said hi. He looked like a
deer caught in the headlights. I just asked, "Friend of yours?" He said he
was just a friend. I told him he might want to lolita cp 13 yo
try to be more quiet when he
comes over because I could hear him down the hall. He said it was OK. I
was surprised he was so cavalier about it, and he said that everyone on this
floor was gay. This is where they put gay guys. I was shocked. I said,
"So everyone knows about me and Sunil?" He said everyone could hear us
moaning. I blushed crimson. I guess we didn't have to rearrange the
furniture every time someone dropped by then. I asked if everyone knew this
was the gay floor, and he told me it was kind of a secret. That was a
relief.When Sunil got home from class, I told him all about it. At first he
freaked out, but when I told him it was kind of a secret of the Residence
hall, he was OK with it. I started massaging his shoulders, and got him to
take off his shirt. He lifted his arms and I caressed his hairy pits with
my fingertips. He undressed me and started playing with my breasts. He
sucked them and fondled them. He slid my shorts down and hikari hayashibara lolita girls started sucking my
cock. His mouth was incredible. As he sucked me, he fingered my ass. I
loved him taking control of my body. We both lay back on the bed, and I
caressed his chest and sucked his nipples. They got so hard. I worked my
way down his chest and stomach, and started sucking his cock. He loved
seeing me take the whole thing in my mouth and my face disappearing in his
thick bush. I could feel his throbbing head in my throat. His crotch was
musky from sweat, and i loved to breath in his scent. He had me pull off
him, and I got on top of him and lowered myself onto his hard cock. He
stroked my cock as his thick cock lolita cp 13 yo pulsated inside me. I moved up and down
his thick shaft, loving how he felt inside me. He started to caress my
chest and play with my nipples. He sent me over the edge and I shot my
load on his chest. I kept moving up and down his cock, and squeezed my
buns. He started shooting his load inside me. We lay in bed for a while,
and he was particularly tender. We walked to the shower with our towels.

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